Sister Stewart & Sister Kingston

Sister Stewart & Sister Kingston

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

This is the Christ

Hey Family!
Im glad you all had a great Easter! Thank you so much for the Easter package. 
Ive taken a few pictures and hopefully there will be more next week.
It was super busy at Sites this past week. It felt like summer again :) We had a lot of people come through on their Spring Breaks. We had so many people on Friday that my companion and I had to take tours by ourselves. I took a picture with the youth group at the end of the tour. The tour after that was a small seminary class from Michigan. The Bishop and his wife brought them here. Their little girls came too and they were the cutest! I took a picture with them also. At the end of the tour Sage (the three year old) looks at me and says, "Do you know what my favorite thing is?" I said, "No, what?!" She responds, "To hear missionaries preach the Gospel!" haha Being on tour with them got me excited to see all of the kids again!
I had my last President's interview this week. I cried. He asked me what my plans were and encouraged me to rely on what Ive learned here as I move forward. He's excited for me to attend BYU! He's excited for James and I to fly home together too! :)
Yesterday was a good day! We went to the Community of Christ sunrise service in the Temple. It was interesting, but good to be in the Temple one more time! Then we went to our ward at 9. We got a new Gospel Principles teacher. She's going to be awesome! They did something pretty cool in class yesterday. Sister Robison was sustained in sacrament meeting, and then they set her apart in class. They used it as a teaching opportunity. It was awesome! 
We had an Easter dinner with all of the Sisters and Senior Couples at the Visitors' Center. It was soooooo good to eat a home cooked meal! We havent been eating much with members lately because theyre trying to have less actives feed us, but they cant get a hold of them haha. Anyways, the program was good. I sang with two other Sisters "This is the Christ". Two new senior couples (who arrived that day) bore their testimonies. We also have a Sister from Temple Square doing her outbound here and she bore her testimony too. After that all of us Sisters sang an Easter hymn. Elder Edman (our site director) then said some closing remarks and he started by saying, "I wish I had 24 sons for all of you!" We all laughed haha. He read the story of the Resurrection and the Spirit touched my heart. I love reading about the Savior's life and ministry and the Atonement! It gives me hope and comfort to remember ALL that He has given me!
Well, I hope you all have a great week! Yes Dad there are two more e-mails to come. Weird. I love you all! Have a great week!
Love Sister Kingston


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