Sister Stewart & Sister Kingston

Sister Stewart & Sister Kingston

Monday, May 24, 2010

Teaching by the Spirit

Hey Mom Dad and Family!

Im glad you liked the package Mom and Dad, that will probably be the only one I send you haha. Ive attached a few photos, Im trying to be better about taking pics. Im glad you had fun in Boston Mom! Dad congrats on being out of school! I would advise not to try and read the Book of Mormon by the end of June though. Take your time and really study it, prayerfully. Our mission president has counciled us to read the scriptures slowly. He said when we read slower, we better allow the Spirit to speak to us. Just a suggestion. Im glad to hear that Grandma is ok! I will definitely keep her in my prayers!

This week was pretty crazy. I have lots to tell you, but I dont have much time. I had one of the greatest lessons of my whole mission this week. We had our first lesson with our new investigator Jill. She was referred by a member who had been teaching her about the church on her own. The member just moved to Utah, so before she left she called us and referred Jill. It's hard to even explain the lesson but the spirit was super strong! Lately, Ive been trying to rely more on the spirit rather than intelect. We've been taught to teach people not lessons. It sounds like an easy enough concept, but it can be a challenge when youre teaching with 2 other missionaries. There's a scripture in Alma 4 that Ive been reading over and over to remind myself to frequently bear testimony. Bearing testimony is one of the quickest ways to invite the spirit. So all three of us were on the same page when we were teaching Jill, and we taught by the Spirit. We werent planning on committing her to be baptized on that first visit because she is very shy and timid. However, I felt prompted to extend the invitation. She was hesitant at first but after we assured her that we would continue to support her and teach her in preparation, she accepted! We are excited for Jill, but we're going to take it slow with her. She now knows our purpose and she knows that baptism is important. After the lesson, we got in the car and Sister Frisch and I cried. It was powerful to receive a prompting, act on it, and then see the results! I love missionary work!

The next story I have for you isnt spiritual at all. Its actually quite embarrassing. We had zone conference this week. There's a part of Zone Conference when we return and report. Each companionship stands and gives their baptism and baptismal date goals for the month and their actuals so far. Well, we stood up and gave our numbers...and here comes the embarrassing part. My chair wasnt scooting in, so I grabbed it from the top and the seat part to pull it in. As I attempted to sit down the chair folded up and I fell! Everyone was watching and it felt like I was moving in slow motion! Next thing I know someone is helping me up and it was my mission president!! haha I stood up and for some reason I felt the need to announce to everyone with my hands up in the air that I was ok lol. When I sat back down I looked at the Sister Sanchez and Sister Wilks who saw the entire thing unfold (no pun intended) and they were crying because they were laughing so hard. I was laughing just as hard! Unfortunately, none of the Elders were laughing, I think they were trying to be polite but it just made things more awkward! Yikes! Oh well, I should be used to awkward moments by now right?

Well, I dont have much time to tell you about the other things that happened this week. Ill save it for next time. Just know that I love you all tons!!!

Love Sister Kingston