Sister Stewart & Sister Kingston

Sister Stewart & Sister Kingston

Monday, April 18, 2011

Community College/Stacey Miles

Hi everyone!
Cos and Angela's road trip sounds fun! I'll be excited to go to some of Kingston and Kai's games when i get home :)
Mom, I would love to help you decorate. Lindsey is coming home from Idaho that weekend to visit me, so I dont know how much help I'll be able to give. I'll do my best though. Tell Uncle Max and Aunt Leslie hi for me!
This week was great! On Saturday, we had a really cool experience at the local community college. A less active member in our ward, takes a comparative religion course there. He asked his professor if we could come and speak to the class. The professor said yes! We were super nervous! We planned on telling them a little bit about ourselves and what we do as missionaries, talking about the history of the church, and then opening it up to questions. It was the open questions portion that gave us anxiety. We role played how we would best respond to controversial questions (i.e. polygamy, gay marriage, etc). Well, none of those questions even came up! The class asked really sincere questions. We answered questions about persecution, heaven and hell, our mission experiences,the nature of God, etc. They were all receptive to what we had to say! We prayed beforehand that we wouldnt be confounded. Our prayer was truly answered. We didnt feel any type of nervousness once we stepped into the class room. We were confident and spoke with authority. It was AWESOME!
One student asked, "What's been the hardest thing about your mission?" I told her rejection, not being able to find people ready to listen to our message. She responded, "Ive never seen a Mormon knock on my door. If I did I would let them in." My rebuttal, "Where do you live?!" The class laughed, even though I was kind of serious haha.
I gave her a card after class and hope that she'll want to learn more.
Last night was another high light of the week. Every third Sunday we have an investigator fireside in the theatre at the Visitors' Center. We asked a man named Stacey Miles to speak on the Atonement. Dad do you know who Stacey Miles is?! He used to play pro tennis and football. He joined the church a few years back, and he's dying of cancer. The church has actually made a Mormon message on him and his story. However, theyre making another one because apparently Elder Bednar didnt like the way the first one turned out! Anyways, brother Miles' talk was amazing and the Spirit was so strong. We had an investigator there and everything he said was perfect for her! A great way to end the week.
Well, Im glad all is well back home. I love you all and hope you have an awesome week! The gospel is true!
Love Sister Kingston

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