Sister Stewart & Sister Kingston

Sister Stewart & Sister Kingston

Monday, December 13, 2010

Mission Conference in the Kirtland Temple

Wow, sounds like you all had a busy weekend full of festivities! I love Christmas! I'll have to send some pics of Kirtland with the lights and all the snow and the nativities. Sister Stewart and I helped Elder Butterfield send some pics off to Mormon Times the other day and theyre supposed to do some type of article on Kirtland. Im so blessed to be here at this time of year again :)
Im glad Jacosa will be moving in finally! I know what its like to live out of a suitcase for long periods of time haha. Im excited to see the condo when I get back. So, the weather here is pretty crazy right now. There's a huge blizzard and it's 17 degrees outside. Hopefully we'll still be able to drive...last p-day we werent allowed to. We HAVE to this week though because we've been living off of cereal and ward Christmas party leftovers lol.
Im sooooooo excited for tomorrow! We're having Mission Conference in the temple! We were told to come fasting and to prepare spiritually. The sacrament will be administered. The Brethren gave our Mission President special permission to bless and pass the sacrament in the Temple. It's not done very often and I know it's going to be an amazing experience. The zone leaders will be passing it, I'll be thinking of you James and your awesome calling. Im also singing in the Temple for mission conference. Sister Stewart and I are singing in a quartet with 2 Elders. We're singing Oh Holy Night too! It's the only musical number being performed in the Temple so I hope it goes well!
This past week was good! We're still teaching the twins Corri and Jaclyn. Did I tell you that they came to Sites one day in the summer just because they saw it as they drove by!? They took a full tour. A couple months later Jaclyn googled "mormon" and was lead to where she began chatting with missionaries on-line and then decided to meet with them in person. Pretty cool huh? The Sisters who were in this area before us started to teach them and now we are continuing to help them receive the restored gospel! But you want to hear something amazing? I was the one who took them on that tour when they came to sites for the first time! The Lord's hand is definitely in this work!
Something pretty cool happened in the phone room this week. We get incoming calls from people who call the 1-800 numbers (on the pass along cards) to receive a free dvd or Book of Mormon. Well the phone rang and I answered. The man was a member and was calling the number to see if it was still valid so he could post it on his website. I told him "yup it still works"! He then introduced was Allen Osmond haha. He has a family website and he's going to post the 1-800 number for anyone who wants to learn more about the church! Those Osmonds really are great missionaries! I know of two members of the church here in Ohio who have joined  because of the Osmond family! You should have seen Sister Putnam's face (a woman in the Kirtland ward) when I told her I talked to him on the phone! Well, I couldnt just let him get off the phone. I asked him to sing to me. Just kidding! I did ask him for a referral though. He gave me a name and number. I called his friend and he accepted to have missionaries visit him! Mom you would like this guy he's into natural medicine lol. I guess he's helping Allen with his MS. He has a website if you want to check it out...I cant remember exactly what it is might be Im not sure? I wrote it down somewhere. His name is Robert Butts. Anyways, check it out and tell me if it helps you  lose weight haha. No really though, he said it does!
Ive seen a lot of miracles in the phone room lately. My zone leader Elder Hunt has left tons of referrals! I called his uncle the other day and he accepted. Because he hasnt been afraid to write those names down and give them over to us, 5 of his friends/family members are being taught by missionaries! Ive called other family members and friends of missionaries and its amazing to see how hearts are softened and prepared!
Oh that reminds me Mom, if you get the name and number of Pres Treadways friend you can just call the Visitors Center (440) 256-9805. Just say you have referral information and theyll have you talk to a young Sister. Just give whoever it is the info and it will get passed along to me :)
Well I love you all! Thanks for all your support and your examples! I love this work and my testimony continues to grow each and every day! Hope you all have a great week and cant wait to talk to you on Christmas!
Love Sister Kingston
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