Sister Stewart & Sister Kingston

Sister Stewart & Sister Kingston

Monday, December 6, 2010

Zone Leader Council

Hey Family!
Well, I think Im definitely going to have a white Christmas this year! It's been snowing like crazy! Im having de ja vu, I cant believe Ive been here for a year! 3 weeks til I get to talk with everyone!!! YAY!!!
I was super bummed that I missed President Treadway! :( Normally, Im at sites all day Tuesday...but I was in a meeting in Cleveland that day. President Sorensen (my mission president) invited Sister Stewart and I to Zone Leader Council. The meeting lasted all day so I couldnt make it back to Kirtland in time to see President Treadway. Im glad he had a good experience though. The sisters told me that he brought a non-member friend who lives here in Ohio? Can you get her name and number from him and e-mail it to me next week? I want to call her and invite her to the nativities exhibit here. Thanks!
Although I was super sad to miss Pres Treadway, Zone Leader Council was amazing! We were there with all the Zone Leaders in the mission and the A.P.s and President Sorensen. We met in President's office. It was so neat to see how a Priesthood council works. Before we started we watched a clip of President Eyring, explaining how different the Lord's councils are in comparison to those that he learned about as he studied business at Harvard and then taught at Stanford. Im not sure how you can find it on the internet, but if you can WATCH IT! He was at some type of press conference, if that helps at all. Anyways, one moment during the meeting stood out to me. We were discussing an item on the agenda and we couldnt agree. After quite a while one of the Elders suggested that we pray. We all knelt down and he offered the prayer. We stayed on our knees in silence for a moment...and then sat back in our seats. As we went around the room everyone agreed on the matter. It was an experience I will always remember.
That same day of Zone Leader Council, Sister Stewart and I had our first training meeting. We talked about diligence in relation to the phone room. We had them study a certain section in Preach My Gospel in preparation and we did a little demonstration with beans and buckets. Its hard to explain but it went well :)
My Birthday was GOOD! Thanks everyone! It was pretty much a normal work day except that the Butterfields took me out to lunch :) and then the Sisters in my house decorated and we had hot chocolate floats that night! I took a few pics and I'll send them next week.
The rest of the week went well. We're doing our best to find a family to teach and baptize! Oh Mom you asked about Brenda, I hope she's doing well but since Im not in that area anymore I dont know for sure? But we have two invsestigators (they are twins!) who have a baptismal date for jan 1st!
Well, I better go. Thanks everyone for your support and love!!! Have a fantastic week!!!
Love you all!!
Sister Kingston

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