Sister Stewart & Sister Kingston

Sister Stewart & Sister Kingston

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I LOVE this gospel and my mission!

Hey Family!
Mom thanks for all the pictures! I still haven't gotten a camera yet :( My MSF card still hasn't arrived so I've had to use my own money to buy groceries. I'll reimburse (sp?) myself once my card gets here, but it's taking FOREVER! I'm sure by next week I'll have it though. Oh and Mom that check from Barnes and Noble should be coming sometime soon, if you could deposit that for me that would be great! The weather here has been quite drab lately. The leaves are beautiful, but it's been raining and cold the past few days :( It's too early to be this cold! So do you remember in the summer when our AC in our apartment didn't work? Well now that it's cold our heat doesn't work haha. We're getting it fixed SOON! We won't be in our apartment for very much longer though. We're moving in with members on November 1st. I'm not sure if I'll be in the area still, since transfers are one week from today and I've been in the area for 3 transfers. If I do stay it will be my last transfer in Solon for sure, because they usually don't keep us in areas for longer than 4 transfers. It's the longest I've ever been in one area. If I stay for another I will have been here for 6 months. I'm ready for a change...which is why I think I'll be here for another transfer haha. What the Lord wants and what I want can sometimes differ lol.
The highlight of this past week, for sure, was conference! Watching conference on your mission is like hitting the jack pot. I cant even put it into words. We literally count down the hours haha. We got so mad when members came to Sites on Saturday, because we're like, "What are you doing??? You NEED to be watching conference!" Before coming on my mission I didn't understand the importance of watching ALL sessions. I used to think that Saturday was just an extra, but now I realize it's just as important as Sunday! On Saturday they showed conference in the theatre at the visitor center. I missed most of it though due to tours :( I did get to see Elder Holland though (he's my favorite) so I wasn't too mad. I'll just have to read the others in next month's Ensign. One of the tours that we took during conference was pretty cool actually. We took a group of men who are members of the Remnants of the RLDS Church. They broke off from the RLDS church , now Community of Christ, when the COC started giving women the priesthood. They were in Kirtland for some priesthood meeting that they held in the Temple. I was really nervous for the tour but it was AWESOME! They told us they loved how we bore testimony of what we believe. One of the men said that he hears a lot of members in his church talk about how we don't focus on Christ. He then said, "Next time I hear someone say that I'm going to tell them...that's not true! They took me on a tour in Kirtland and it was centered on the Savior." That made me feel good because I knew we had done our job. Our main objective here in Kirtland is to testify of the Savior and His gospel!
On Sunday we watched the first session of conference at the church. For the second session we went to a members' home. The Rust family had us over to watch conference and then we had dinner after. My companion actually prepared the meal too! Sister Lee is from Froglevel, Louisiana and she's Cajun... so she decided to make Gumbo! She cooked as she listened to conference, (they had it playing in the kitchen on the computer because they don't have TV). The Rusts are my favorite family in the Solon ward! They just understand member missionary work. The reason why Brother Rust wanted Sister Lee to make Gumbo was so that he could invite non-member friends to have dinner with us! He invited 50 people! Unfortunately those who said they could come originally, changed their minds :( I know he'll be blessed for his efforts to share the gospel.
Well I'd better go but thanks for your e-mails and letters they mean a lot to me! Just know that I LOVE this gospel and my mission! Have a great week!
Sister Kingston

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