Sister Stewart & Sister Kingston

Sister Stewart & Sister Kingston

Monday, June 7, 2010

Memorial Day at Chardon Square

Hey Mom Dad and Family!
Those pics of Malia are too cute! Im glad the baby blessing went well! Her hair cracks me up :) Sorry most of the pics I sent dont have people in them. I was trying to capture the essence of Chardon square. It reminds me a lot of Stars Hallow (Gilmore Girls). Since today was p-day we did get to enjoy some Memorial Day festivities. In Chardon we watched a small parade and walked around the square for a while. We then went to a BBQ that our branch was hosting at a near by park. I love BBQs! The branch has one every year and it includes a dessert auction (to raise money for girls camp). Apparently they had to put a cap of $100 on any one item, because people were bidding way too high. Crazy, right? I guess it's all for a good cause though. Right after the BBQ in Chardon we drove back down to Kirtland where the Butterfields held a BBQ for all of the Sisters and some of the Elders who serve near Kirtland. Due to the crazy Ohio weather, the BBQ had to be moved in doors because it started pooring and thundering/lightning. The thunderstorm lasted for about 2 hours and then it was bright and sunny again. Its about 85 degrees here but it feels about 100, with the nasty humidity. Summer should be fun!
This week was a bit busy at sites. We had a bus tour of youth from D.C. come through as well as a YSA conference called Zion's camp. Zion's camp is held here in Kirtland for about three days for YSA's in about 4 different states. It was weird to take groups of my peers on tour. John Bytheway came and spoke at the Stake Center. I wish I could've gone. My first comp/trainer Sister Wilks got to take him on tour! Cool huh?
I had my first taste of what it's going to be like here for the next few months! Im excited though! This summer is going to be an adjustment though. Next transfer (in about 7 weeks) 8 sisters go home. 10 new sisters will be coming out to be there replacements. This means that pretty much every sister in Kirtland will be training during the busiest time of the year. YIKES! Ill let you know how it goes.
We found out this week that a General Authority will be coming to our mission conference next month. His name is Elder Foster, he spoke in conference in April. He's doing a Q and A session and then speaking to us. I was just asked to sing a duet with another sister at this mission conference, so Im pretty much freaking out. Its a song that Ive never heard before so cross your fingers that it goes ok.
Our investigators are still doing well! They are progressing and changing more and more each day! I just love being able to teach people who are truly ready for the gospel. Its theeee BEST! Well, I have to go now. Love you all soooooo much!!!!!
Sister Kingston

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