Sister Stewart & Sister Kingston

Sister Stewart & Sister Kingston

Monday, March 29, 2010

Kirtland Temple Dedication Anniversary

Hey Mom, Dad and Family,
It sounds like the boys are enjoying baseball! Take lots of pics so I can see them in their little uniforms haha. That's sad about Dad's former student? What was his name, I might know him. Wow, that's cool that Cosa got to go to that studio! I bet David was jealous lol.
I'm looking forward to my Easter package! :) Mail is theee BEST! One day, not a single sister received any mail and it was the saddest day ever! We all kind of laughed at ourselves though because we realize now what it's like on the other end. I think about all of the people that I never wrote when they were on their missions. My perspective has definitely changed! ha ha!
I'm so excited for Easter and that it's on the same day as conference! We get to watch conference in the theatre at sites! Pretty cool huh? It's weird, I'm seriously giddy about conference. That's what a mission will do to you I suppose. The only bummer about being at sites to watch conference is that if someone comes in for a tour, we have to take we'll miss part of conference :(. Oh well, I guess that's what the Ensign's for.
This week was another tough one. Sister Frisch wasn't feeling too well so we didn't get out into our area as much as we would have liked. This week will be better though! :) Tell Sabrina I said thanks! I hope she gets better.
On Saturday night Sites was closed early so we could go to the temple and celebrate the dedication. It was an awesome experience! Elder Butterfield spoke, there were a few musical numbers, and some of the Senior Elders read from section 109 (the dedicatory prayer) and three of them talked about the priesthood keys that were restored. We sang "The Spirit of God" as the closing hymn. I feel so blessed and honored to serve in such a sacred place! To be in the Temple 174 years to the day that it was dedicated was a powerful experince! The spirit was strong and I cant wait to do it all over again next year!
Well, my times about up. Thanks again for everything! You're the BEST!!! Love you mucho!
Love Sister Kingston

The Kirtland Temple was the first temple built in this dispensation (D&C 88:119; 95). In this temple, Joseph Smith saw a vision of the celestial kingdom (D&C 137). It was dedicated on 27 March 1836 (D&C 109). On 3 April 1836, the Savior appeared and accepted the temple as a place in which he would reveal his word to his people (D&C 110:1-10). Following this appearance, Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdery received visits from Moses, Elias, and Elijah, all of whom gave them certain priesthood keys and important information (D&C 110:11-16). This temple served the Saints for some two years before they had to flee Kirtland because of persecution.

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