Sister Stewart & Sister Kingston

Sister Stewart & Sister Kingston

Monday, March 1, 2010

My First Baptism

Hey Mom Dad and Fam!
Mom thanks for printing out your e-mail and sending it snail mail! I LOVE that envelope! Thanks for sending Sheena's email too! :) I forgot to bring her e-mail with me though so can you pass along the message that I'll write back next week? Thanks!
Whoa that's crazy about the schools! I'm glad Natomas Park wont be shut down! The talent show sounds fun! I can picture Jaycee in a mini tu tu!  ha ha
Yeah I heard about the earthquake in Chile from a member in our ward. We've heard, just by word of mouth, that all of the missionaries there are ok. Our prayers are definitely with the people there! We also heard that there were chances of a Tsunami hitting Hawaii. On Saturday evening I was in the referral center and the front desk said I had a call on line 2. I took the call and it was Sister Wright, my friend from Laie. She's currently serving full proselyting in an area about 2 1/2 hours away from Kirtland, so I never get to see her :(. She called in just to give me an update (a member in her ward called her parents) because she knows Shaeffer (Sorry I cant spell) lives there. Sweet of her huh? Anywho, I'm glad everything worked out!
Hmmm what happened this week? Well we had zone conference and that was edifying! My favorite work shop came from the Assistants to the Presidents (A.P.'s). They talked about the importance of referrals and also about The Ohio Cleveland Mission is number 5 in receiving the most referrals out of ALL the missions in the WORLD! Pretty cool right?! This means that people in this area are being exposed to the church either by T.V. adds,, pass along cards, or a friend, and they call in to receive a free gift from us! Once they order a free gift, a text message is sent to the missionaries who serve in the specific area. The text includes all of the contact info, so they can hand deliver the item and then share the gospel! They talked about how we need to contact referrals as soon as possible, within at least 24 hours. They read a quote from a general authority that said (Im paraphrasing) "Each missionary will be held personally accountable with Heavenly Father, for each and every referral they receive." Pretty intense if I do say so myself! It was pretty inspiring! The A.P.'s then gave us a virtual tour of (since we're not allowed to visit any web sites). I LOVE!!! You all should visit it if you havent yet! They also showed us a new church comercial (sp?) called swash bucklers. David, for some reason it reminded me of you! I think because it's movie trailor-esque! Watch it!
The other major event that happened this week was my very first BAPTISM!!! YAY!!! Larry, the 13 year old that we've been teaching, was Baptized on Saturday. It was an AWESOME baptism, with tons of support from the ward! Larry come from a pretty disfunctional family so Im excited for him to be accepted into the ward with full fellowship! Ill try to send a few pics, if I have time.
Oh yeah, yesterday's sacrament meeting was BOMB! Our Young Women's president spoke. She talked about her recent experience in Haiti. She went with an LDS relief group. Her talk was AMAZING, the whole congregation was in tears. She went over about 20 minutes, but no one cared. It was THAT good! I wouldn't be able to do her story justice so I asked her if I could have a copy of her talk so I can send it to you all :) I'll be sending that next week!
Well, I gotta run. Have a great week everyone! I love you all LOTS! The gospel is true!
Sister Kingston

p.s. Hey Cos! Thanks for the referrals! Ive been calling but
haven't got a hold of anyone yet. I'll keep you updated though :)
Love Ya!

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