Sister Stewart & Sister Kingston

Sister Stewart & Sister Kingston

Monday, March 21, 2011


Hi Family!
Wow, the weather there sounds crazy! It's been sunny here for the past few days, but it's raining today :(  That's awesome to hear about all of the people from our stake serving missions! I hope they can make the goal of 40!
Well, I survived my stressful week! The youth activity on Tuesday was awesome! The youth came dressed in missionary attire, received a name badge, were assigned to a companion and to a district. The two districts rotated between two classes taught by the missionaries (Sister Stewart and I, and 2 other Sisters in the ward). We taught a class about our purpose as missionaries and had each companionship role play. Sister Spring and Sister Manwaring played missionary jeopardy, testing their knowledge of Preach My Gospel and the missionary schedule.  It was great to see the youth jump right in...they will make great missionaries!
Our workshop on obedience and opposotion went well on Friday. The meeting was running long so we only had 20 minutes instead of 40, but I wasnt complaining! I LOVE going to those meetings! The Spirit is always so strong! On Thursday, Elder Hunt announced what the agenda would be for the next two days. He announced that we would start off by having a testimony meeting. For the next hour and a half all 40 missionaries in attendance shared their testimonies. It was especially neat for Sister Sewart and I, being the only Sisters there, to hear these young Elders bear such powerful testimonies. No where else, besides in the Church, can you find young men who have such a firm faith and knowledge of Jesus Christ. It was another testament to me of the power of the Priesthood.
Sites has been getting a bit more busy, both because of the weather and Spring Break. We had a couple of really cool tours. One was with a group of Restorationists. They are a break off of the RDLS church (now Community of Christ). They were having some sort of womens retreat...Im not sure if they call it relief society? Anyways, those groups can be nerve racking because you dont know exactly what they believe. However, I  just followed the Spirit and continued to bear testimony of what I know. I noticed one of the women tearing up, in a few different rooms, as I shared my testimony. It showed me that the Holy Ghost always testifies of truth, as long as the recipient is truly listening with an open heart.
The other cool tour was with Elders serving in the Cleveland Spanish branch and their investigators and a recent convert. In the beginning of the tour we play the words of the Savior (the Christus). We decided to play it in Spanish. It was the first time I ever listened to it in Spanish. As I listened, I felt the Spirit, as I thought about the Savior and his love for everyone! I also thought about James and how he was sharing those exact words with the people of Mexico.
Well, I better go. I love you all and thank you for your love and prayers on my behalf! Have a great week!
Love Sister Kingston 
- Show 

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