Sister Stewart & Sister Kingston

Sister Stewart & Sister Kingston

Monday, January 31, 2011

Layman's terms

Wow, you did have a busy week! THANK YOU sooooooooo much for getting my transcripts sent! That was the last part of the application process that I needed to complete. Now we'll have to wait and see what happens. It's so weird to think about "real life" and going back to school. It's becoming reality that I'm coming home soon.Maile's birthday looked like a lot of fun! Katrina's brave! haha Give Maile a big hug for me!
Mom, I am so excited that you go out with the missionaries! That's the thing Im most excited about doing when I get home, member missionary work. Your new calling is exciting too! Although, Im not quite sure what the third new member lesson is that you mentioned? Im guessing you mean the third lesson (The Gospel of Jesus Christ) re-taught to the new members? Well, I know you two will do great. Study chapter three and chapter ten in Preach My Gospel. It will help you teach. Also, every day my comp and I role play with each other. You feel silly sometimes, but it really helps! So Mom and Dad, one of you pretend to be the investigator and the other practice teaching... then switch. Try it! I promise you'll learn a ton! Have the missionaries talk to you more about role playing and the how to begin teaching points and practice with them too!
Yesterday I spoke in Church. I spoke on Preach My Gospel from my perspective as a missionary on how it can best be utilized by members. I think it went well. I talked about how PMG teaches the "what" and "how" of missionary work. The what= the doctrine. All that we teach investigators and members comes from Ch. 3. (five lessons) The Restoration, the Plan of Salvation, The Gospel of Jesus Christ, the Commandments, and Laws and Ordinances. My mission President always says, "True doctrine understood changes behavior faster than the study of behavior changes behavior." So the doctine (combined with the Spirit) is what changes lives. The "how" of missionary work come from the other chapters. When members study Preach, they are better able not only to become better missionaries but they're also better able to teach the gospel to their families. The most important missionary work is that which we do within the walls of our own home.  
Here's a funny story from this week. We had dinner at a members' home, Brother and Sister Rabe. We were talking, over dinner, about a recent convert in the ward (Ted) who wrote down every verse in the Book of Mormon in his notebook. He wrote it in his own words so he could "understand" it better. Yeah he's a little out there. Anyways, I knew Ted from when I was in the Kirtland ward at the beginning of my mission. Sister Stewart, however, was hearing this story for the first time. As I was explaining Ted's translation, I said, "He basically wrote the Book of Mormon in layman's terms." To which she relpied (with a puzzled look on her face), " Oh, from Laman's point of view?" The Rabes and I laughed so hard! I guess it's not that funny without being there, but we were crying because we were laughing so hard!
In sadder news, we have just one investigator. The rest have dropped us. Skip is our one investigator who's been taught for years. He's 84 years old. He says things like this, "I pray to God if there is one, to save my soul if I have one." So, he probably wont be getting baptized any time soon. Not having anyone to teach is super hard. Especially when I feel that all eyes are on us. But all we can do is our best, people have agency. This week we'll be hitting the pavement hard to find some new people.
In better news, I love the Edmans! I was so afraid when the Butterfields left, but Elder and Sister Edman are great! They're differrent from the Butterfields in little ways, but they also bring a special spirit to Kirtland. Sister Stewart and I have been trying to help them get the hang of things. They're awesome and I know only good things are to come from their service here.
Well, I better get going. We have a zone p-day today. We're having a costume/cooking competition. Guess who's idea that was....the Elders. haha. We tried to talk them out of the costume idea, but they had their little hearts set on it. I'll take pictures...this should be interesting. All the Sisters in my house are going as pass along cards haha!
I love you all and Im so grateful for all your support! Have a fantastic week!
Sister Kingston
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