Sister Stewart & Sister Kingston

Sister Stewart & Sister Kingston

Thursday, November 18, 2010

You ARE worthy!

Hellllllooooo Family!

Its a beautiful day here in the Ohio. Mom and Katrina thanks so much for sending that music! Hopefully the fireside goes well, Ill tell you all about it. Thanks for the pictures too! The kids all look so growed up, it's crazy! It's weird to think that one year ago tomorrow I entered the MTC. So long ago, yet it seems like yesterday. Mom, to answer your question I havent heard back yet from BYU or Long Beach because I actually havent applied yet haha. I just never have the time. But the deadline is December 1, so I HAVE to get my applications in by then. Which reminds me, I forgot that it costs money to apply :( I think it's around $50 for each application. I dont want to sound needy but I am lol. Can you put $100 into my account? It can be my birthday/ Christmas present. Money's really what I need the most anyway. Sorry to be so lame. I cant wait to hear Cosa's band! I bet they sound amazing. Mom, my health is pretty good. I havent been sick for about a year now, and my weight is back down to what I was when I came out. Now I just have to maintain during the Holidays which we ALL know is really hard. Speaking of Christmas, people here already have lights up and lawn decorations out! It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! :)
Well, the highlight of this past week was Sunday. It was the primary program at Church and it was AMAZING. Also, Dalon my former investigator that was baptized in September, received the Priesthood. We're still teaching Dalon's mom Lakeisha. She's had a rough life and she has a lot of sorrow for things she's done in the past. She recently told us that she knows she wont make it to the Celestial Kingdom. She has a hard time understanding/applying the Atonement as well. Well, we told our ward mission leader about her concerns just before gospel principles class. (He's the teacher). He right then and there changed the lesson to meet her needs! He is one of the best teachers Ive ever known! He taught about the Atonement. By the end of the lesson Lakeisha was in tears. I know she received answers to her prayers. The lesson in Relief Society just built upon her experience in that second hour.
The lesson in RS was all about the Holy Ghost. Toward the end of the lesson Lakeisha raised her hand and said the reason why she keeps coming to church is because, " I feel the Spirit, even though Im not worthy of feeling God's love." As she said this everyone in Relief Society looked at her and said (in unison it seemed like) , "You ARE worthy!" It was amazing to see women of all different ages and backgrounds uniting togther to testify of God's love, to someone who's never felt truly loved her whole life. There wasnt a dry eye in the room. We're meeting with Lakeisha tonight for the first time since Sunday, so I'll let you know how it goes.
Well I have to go, sorry not a lot to report this week. Next week my p-day will be Tuesday because transfers is on Wednesday. Im probably getting transferred but you never know. And yes Dad you read correctly we are having a Turkey Bowl! Hopefully the weather will cooperate and yes Ill make sure to take pics. I love you all and hope you have a great week!
Sister Kingston

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