Sister Stewart & Sister Kingston

Sister Stewart & Sister Kingston

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Miracle for Sister Dalton

Hey Mom Dad and fam,
Thanks Mom and Dad for your letters! Its ok that you forgot my p-day, I know it's hard to keep all of the changes strait. Thanks for the pics too! Looks like you had a fun Halloween! I'll attach a couple photos from Halloween, although they didnt turn out the best. One of the senior couples was taking pictures for me...but they had their finger covering the flash on a lot of them. Oh well haha. We had limited resources (i.e. money) to make our costume really we just wore brown and wrapped sticks anround us and put sticks in our hair.
We tried to find nametags to wear (the ones that say HELLO my name is ...) but we couldnt find any so we had to do a guetto version and just print the names off of the computer. People here in Ohio go ALL OUT for the Holidays. Halloween was crazy. Some lawn decorations were literally disturbing haha. People have already begun to put out their Nativities! I cant believe it's the Holidays! Next week is my year mark! I come home 6 months from tomorrow. Crazy!
Life here has been good. It snowed a few days ago! It's gotten a little warmer but winter is definitely here! All the leaves are already gone :( Mom or Dad asked about Thanksgiving. All of the sisters and senior couples have a Thanksgiving lunch at the Visitor Center at 1:00 pm. Before that we have a turkey bowl at 10 am...David and Kenji Ill be thinking of you when I play lol. After our lunch in Kirtland we all go back to our areas and spend the rest of the day with families in the wards that we're serving. Im not exactly sure where Ill be though because transfers is the day before Thanksgiving. Im about 99.9 % sure that Im being transferred so we'll see where I end up.
Mom and Dad thankyou sooooooo much for going out with the missionaries! You have no idea how important that is! Also, we pray and ponder about who would be best to go to certain investigators so you must be doin somethin right! haha Mom, it is a sad day when we have members come to lessons and the investigator doesnt show. It happens quite often. Here in the OCM when someone doesnt keep their appointment we say they flamed us. Just a little mission lingo for ya. Mom and Cos Im glad you were able to make it to Pele's farewell! Can you send me her address if you have it? And that's cool about China. I have heard rumors about that too. It reminds me of the prohecy that Joseph Smith made at the Morley Farm in Kirtland. That the gospel would grow to fill North and South America, and that it would fill the world!
Well, this week Ill share with you a small miracle that happenned in the phone room at the Visitor Center. I have been put in charge of International Referrals (which means that I get to call people who live around the long as they speak English of course...those who dont I send to the MTC). Anyways, I was going through my stack of cards and came across one that didnt seem to belong. It wasnt an international referral and I saw a senior couples name on it. That senior couple was working the front desk that night so I went down to ask them about it. Sister Dalton filled me in on the info. She was going through her purse to find something that pertained to the card and she came across her Sister's address and phone number. She then gave it to me and asked if I would call her. Sister Dalton is one of ten kids and the only member in her family. I agreed and went up stairs to make the call. Well, to make a long story short I talked to Sister Dalton's sister and she accepted to have missionaries! I went down and told Sister Dalton and she gave me a big hug! She started to cry and told me that her and Elder Dalton had been praying for a miracle to happen in her family. It was a testament to me that the Lord knows each of us and answers our prayers!
Ill be calling Sister Daltons sister back in a couple of weeks to see how it went with the missionaries. Ill let you know how it goes!
Oh also I wanted to share something that happened on Sunday. Well, as you all know Sunday was fast and testimony meeting. Well, this Sunday there was a visitor from out of town, who got up to share her "testimony". Well, I dont want to be mean but basically she was sharing everything BUT her testinomy and taking a LONG time to do so. I was literally praying with all my might that she would finish and sit down. It got to the point where I couldnt even look up I was so disturbed. Finally I turn to my companion and I say, "Im going up there." And before she had time to respond I was on my way up to the stand. I thought I would take matters into my own hands and hopefully by going up there it would signal her to stop. Well, she kept going haha. Sister Gaugh in the ward came up and sat by me and said," Were you praying too?" Well, finally one of the councilors in the Bishopric gets up and tells her she needs to stop. As she goes to sit down, about 7 of the kids in the ward (all under the age of ten) rush the stand. One by one, they bore the most heartfelt and pure testimonies Ive ever heard! None of them had their parents telling them what to say. Sister Gaugh and I sat there on the stand crying our eyes out. I was quickly humbled by the Lord. Here I was thinking I was going to change the Spirit of the meeting and bring it back. But the Lord had other plans. He chose those kids to do the job. The gospel is simple and the kids in primary remind me of that constantly! It's no wonder that we're told to be like little children!
Well, I have to go. I love all of you and Im grateful for your examples! The church is true!
Love Sister Kingston

                                        1.At the Solon ward Halloween party with Yoda :)
2. Check out the sticks in my hair!
                 3. My comp and I and the other sisters are the she bears from the Old Testament
                              4. Spirit Paradise and Spirit Prison and one of the lost manuscripts :)
      5. The Brother of Jared, the Jaredite Stones, and the finger of the Lord (only a little blasphemas!)

6. That my friends is two 50 piece chicken nuggets (100 all together)! And yes we ate it all. The four of us collectively consumed about 5000 calories. Yikes.

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