Sister Stewart & Sister Kingston

Sister Stewart & Sister Kingston

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

13 Bus Loads of Scouts!

Hey everyone! Wow, a new Bishop. Youll definitely have to keep me posted on who it is! Thanks for sending those garments Mom and Dad! Im glad your having such a nice summer there. Here its crazy hot. Plus we dont have any A.C. in our apartment so its pretty uncomfortable. We have a fan which helps a little but I swear it's more humid in our apartment than it is outside Lol.
We had a cool experience on Monday. 13 bus loads of scouts came to Kirtland that day. 13!!! There were 14 of us Sisters working sites (some had to give up their p-day). We did something a little different. We all went to the Morley Farm, which is about a mile away from the visitor center. Normally a senior couple gives the tour. The Morley Farm is where the 4th conference of the church was held, where the first High Priests were ordained, where Heavenly Father and Christ appeared, and where Joseph Smith prophesied that the Church would grow to fill North and South America and the world. Most of these events took place in or near a log school house on the Morley's property (they had about 100 acres, the church owns 16 of those acres now). The school house no longer exists so the tour is given outside on some benches (pretty much like how they give tours at the Sacred Grove). Well, since there were so many scouts, it would be impossible for all of them to take a tour at the same time. So each Sister got on a bus and we told them about the Morley Farm standing at the front of the bus. I got to use the mic and everything! haha It was a cool experience! After our quick speeches , they all got off the buses and ate lunch there on the grass. It was neat to see all of these young kids, who will become missionaries one day. We told them that as they prepared and eventually served missions that they would be helping to fulfill the Prophecy that Joseph Smith gave there about the growth of the Church.
After the Morley Farm, we all headed over to the Visitor Center and gave them tours there. There were too many scouts for any companionship to take a tour together, so each Sister took multiple tours by themselves. We were all dead tired at the end of the day! It didnt help that it was super hot and humid outside. I think I drank about a gallon of water that day lol.
I had a really neat experience taking the scouts into the School of the Prophets. It was almost overwhelming to see this room full of Aaronic Priesthood holders. I pictured them as younger versions of the men who gathered and studied there. I know they felt the Spirit in that room and I hope they remember that experience.
Well, Im about out of time. Thanks for everything! I love all of you! Have a great week!
 Sister Kingston

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