Sister Stewart & Sister Kingston

Sister Stewart & Sister Kingston

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

It's so hot!

Hey Family!
Dad, yes it has been HOT here. I hope it cools down soon too! Good luck this school year with your class. Mom, wow camp sounds like it was a huge success! I teared up as I read about the iron rod experience. Camp was always a place where I felt the Spirit super strong. I know the girls will always remember how they felt that night...and throughout the whole week. Don't you just love working with the youth?! My favorite tours to take here in Kirtland are youth groups. I've had some really powerful experiences lately with youth. Last Monday, I came into the visitor center and Sister Butterfield (our Site Director's wife) handed me a note. I wish I brought it with me so I could tell you exactly what it said. The leader of one of the youth groups that had come over the weekend called into the visitor center and talked with one of the senior couple sisters, who then wrote down what she said to give it to me. Does that make sense? Anywho, I'll paraphrase what the note said.
"Sister Kingston,
So and so (I forgot the name) called in to thank you for taking the youth group on tour. She especially wanted to thank you for the testimony you bore in the School of the Prophets. In the testimony meeting they held many of the youth mentioned your name and talked about how your testimony strengthened them. Many have now resolved to go on missions themselves. "

Getting that note really helped me to understand the impact the Spirit can have on youth. We're always told by Elder Butterfield that the people here won't remember the little facts or the history, but they will remember the feelings they felt. I thank the Lord every day for the opportunity I have to bear witness of the hallowed ground in Kirtland, where the Savior has walked.
Well, It's now been a week since my new companion and I have been together. Her name is Sister Debenham and she is from all over. I think she's lived in 6 states thus far. Nope her Dad wasn't in the military, he's a Doctor. He just likes to move a lot. She said they moved every few years. She actually used to live here in Cleveland, when she was in elementary school. Isn't that funny?! Dad to answer your question, as a trainer you are responsible to teach your greenie pretty much everything haha. No pressure right? Basically there are a lot of mission rules and ways of doing things that aren't taught in the MTC, so I get the privilege of teaching those to her. I'm not worried, she's been picking things up really fast. I'm just hoping that we find more investigators so she can teach more.
It's been a weird adjustment to have 8 sisters leave and 10 new ones come in. Some of the 8 were my best friends so it was really hard to see them go. It is weird now to be one of the oldies, because I still feel like I just got here. I have a feeling the last half of my mission is gonna fly. So 'Im trying to take advantage of the time I have left and really focus on my purpose as a missionary!
Well, I have to go. Thanks for all of your support! I just love each of you soooooooo much. Seriously, I always brag about my family to the other sisters haha. It usually ends by them saying, "I want to meet your family one day!" I'm not even joking, everyone loves you all lol. Have a great week!
Sister Kingston

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