Sister Stewart & Sister Kingston

Sister Stewart & Sister Kingston

Monday, February 8, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

Glad the family had a good superbowl sunday! I was thinking of you guys yesterday. Thankyou to everyone who wrote me this week! I received the most mail I've ever gotten in one one week! :)I will be writing some hand written letters today and sending them your way! Dad I got all of your emails too. Thanks for sending those! Sorry they never went through Lol. Im glad You bore your testimonies! I wish I would have done that more often when I was home. But now I get to do it everyday :) We had an awesome testimony meeting yesterday! Four of the youth got up and bore their testimonies about missionary work. A 15 year old girl named Rikki, who was baptized in October, talked about how members need to get more involved in missionary work. It was AWESOME! She then told an experience she had when she went teaching with Sister Wilks and me. It brought tears to my eyes (no surprise there! haha). Before my mission I didnt realize how important it was to be a member missionary. Its crucial to the work and I am so grateful for those members who get involved, it makes all the difference!
I wanted to share a quick story with you. The other day we had it in our plans to tract for 45 minutes before we had to go to sites. Unfortunately, we had an appointment that ran long so we ended up only having 15 minutes. I thought to myself, "This is going to be pointless...we cant find anyone in 15 minutes." However, I pushed those thoughts out of my head and decided to have a postitive attitiude. We started knocking on doors and low and behold no one was answering. Our time was about up and we were about to head back to the car. We both looked at our watches and decided to try one more house. I knocked on the door and to my surprise, someone answered! Even more surprising she didnt slam the door in our face! haha Her name is Nakisha, a woman probably in her thirties, with the cutest little family! I told her who we were and that we go around sharing a message that Christ's church has been restored to the earth. Her responose was, "Yes it has!" I was grinning from ear to ear! We then told her about The Book of Mormon and asked if we could come back and bring her a copy. She said yes, so we set an appointment to go back Tuesday (tomorrow). I instantly felt a love for Nakisha and I cant wait to go back! After she shut the door we headed for the car and I started running down the street. Sister Wilks said, "Are you running because youre cold?" I said, "No Im running because Im happy about Nakisha!" lol She then started running with me and we were jumping around yelling, "We're spreading the good news!" hahahaha. I know, Im weird and we must have looked rediculous but that's what happens when youre a missionary. You should try it sometime, it's fun!!
Well, I have to go now sorry this ones a bit short. Hope you all are doing well and thanks for everything! I love you!!! Have a happy valentines day!
Love Sister Kingston
p.s. Hey mom, the Sisters want to have a tea party (herbal of course) for valentines day so I was wondering if you could send me a recipe for scones. It would have to be sent snail mail though, so you would need to send it ASAP. If you dont have time, no worries, just thought I'd ask. Love ya!

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