Sister Stewart & Sister Kingston

Sister Stewart & Sister Kingston

Monday, February 15, 2010

Reflections of Christ

Hey Everyone,
Glad to hear you had a good Valentines day! Wow, I cant believe you got iphones! I'd love to see you two try and figure out how to use them haha. Thanks so much for the package Mom and Dad, it was GREAT! It was pretty low key here. Our ward didn't do anything special, but we had a missionary farewell so it was a good Sunday. Elder Jeff Moss is headed to Manchester England :) We were gonna have a little tea party at sites but two of the sisters are sick so it threw off the schedule . Sister Frisch has the chicken pox! She had them when she was a little kid but for some reason got them again. Yikes!
Even though it snows here we still get tours every now and then. We also have a new exhibit up so we're getting more busy. I love giving tours of the "Reflections" exhibit! The pictures are beautiful and I love telling the story of Christ and testifying of him.
We had a cool lesson this week with two of our investigators. On Saturday we taught the Abplanalps (pronounced Apple-naps). They are the older couple we tracted into who let us in and fed us lunch about a month ago. We meet with them every Saturday. We were frustrated last week after the lesson. They are intellectual and love learning about the Book of Mormon and our religion but they werent applying it to themselves. This week we had a break through. We taught them the Gospel of Jesus Christ (lesson 3). I talked about the Holy Ghost and explained who he is, his purpose, and how we can receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. Sister Wilks then told the story about how we tracted into the Abplanalps. She told them how we had been tracting for quite some time and had no success. The car was parked near Abplanalps' house and we almost passed them up. But we followed the spirit and knocked on their door. As she told this story Jocelynn started to cry. She felt the spirit! It was AWESOME! Then we asked them, if they came to know that the things we've taught them are true, would they be prepared to be baptized by someone holding the proper authority. They said "Sure!" It was amazing and Im excited for them. They've made the connection and know that this is the true gospel of Jesus Christ! :)
Well I have to go now. Hope everything is going well! I love all of you!
Love Sister Kingston
P.S. Just wanted to say a quick thank you to Jaycee for giving me referrals! I was able to get a hold of one of her friends and she accepted to have the dvd "Finding Faith in Christ" delivered by the missionaries! Oh and Auntie Leslie thank you too! I called your friend Kaye. She's having the dvd sent to her through the mail, so no missionary visit...yet. Youve planted the seed though! :)

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