Sister Stewart & Sister Kingston

Sister Stewart & Sister Kingston

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Hi Everyone!
HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! Mom, I did get the package you sent thank you so much! I will be making those cupcakes soon! The weather there sounds sooooooo nice! There's been a "warm spell" here got up in the 40's yesterday!!! It's crazy how acclimated you get to cold weather, so much so that 40 degrees seems warm haha. It does make tracting a more enjoyable activity when it's not freezing :) Dad, what are you speaking on in Natomas 3 ward? Mom, Im glad you're experiencing gospel principles and comments that are shared. I'll have to share some stories with you when I come home...they're better told in person! As far as my homecoming is concerned, are James and I reporting on the same day? If we are I have two requests: #1) Can I speak after him?  #2) Can the closing hymn be The Spirit of God? And yes I would love to have a get together after! Some of the Sisters are planning on coming down too, so it should be fun! Dad to answer your question, we havent received mail from the Butterfields. But, we did receive a phone call from them last week. They called to update us on how their homecoming went and they wanted to see how things were here. I miss them both a lot! Elder Butterfield told us that they were at a restaurant with some of his daughters and grand kids one day and he said this, "I looked around and thought to myself, somethings missing. It seemed like we should be sitting at Max and Irmas with you two." They used to take Sister Stewart and I out to lunch for our meetings. Max and Irmas was one of our regular restaurant choices :) We thought about telling the Edmans about this little lunch tradition (so they could carry on the legacy) but we decided that it should stay a Butterfield memory.
Well, this week has been another rough finding week. Reading Alma chapter 8 has really helped me to stay motivated and to have an eye of faith! We did have a really neat experience though. Do you remember the couple that I told you about last week...Wendy and CJ who came to sites and self referred? Well, right after they left sites I called the A.P.s and told them all the background info. Elder Farmer and Elder Smith said they would contact her right away and keep us updated. Well, on Friday the aassistants called us. They proceeded to tell us that Wendy and CJ are as solid as we said they were. The Elders called them and invited them to a baptism in a near by area. They came and had an amazing experience! After the baptism the Elders took them on a church tour. Sometime within that church tour they committed Wendy and CJ to baptism and they both said yes! Wendy said the only thing really standing in her way is the word of wisdom. The Elders promised her that she would be able to overcome those temptations and that the Lord would prepare her! Isnt that AMAZING! After we got off the phone with the assistants Sister Stewart and I sat there in our bedroom and cried. Even though we are frustrated in our area and we arent seeing things happen, we are still able to fulfill our purpose at the Visitors Center by inviting others to come unto Christ.
Thank you all for everything! You know, just because Im coming home soon doesnt mean that I cant receive mail (*hint hint). Hook a Sista up! This gospel is so true and it amazes me every day how blessed I am to know that! I love you all tons!!!
Sister Kingston

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