Sister Stewart & Sister Kingston

Sister Stewart & Sister Kingston

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Retirement Center

Hi Mom, Dad, and Fam,
Thanks for your e-mails and especially the pics! The triathalon sounds like fun. I'm in for next year as long as I'm not away for school :). Wow, lots of changes in the Stake. I'm happy for Katrina, I know she will do AMAZING!
Mom I'm not sure what kind of usb cord my camera needs, I forgot to look. But I only have one memory card so if you could send me another then I could mail the other one home.
This e-mail's gonna be a short one, sorry. It's the day before tranfers so there's a lot to get done and I don't have much time. Yup I'll be getting a new companion tomorrow. I was only with my greenie for one transfer, but I know this is what the Lord wants. I actually like change. The longest I've ever been with a companion has been 2 transfers. So it looks like the Lord has established a pattern with me haha. I think it's because I just go with the flow. I'll let you know what happens!
Last week was good! One of our investigators, Michelle, stopped drinking coffee before we even taught her the Word of Wisdom. I love her! She has a physical disorder called prater willie (which I have no idea how to spell). Giving up coffee was a HUGE deal for her so we're super excited about her progress. She lives in a group home and I love going over there to teach her. Seeing the other residents puts a smile on my face.
Speaking of residents putting a smile on my face, we volunteer at a retirement center for a couple hours each week. I LOVE it! We start out by doing exercise with them. We all (there's about 30 of us) just sit in our chairs and do different hand motions and march in place. We follow the instructor Hector and he plays some 80's work out music haha. It's so cute to see all of these seniors doing these chair exercises in unison! After exercise we help with whatever activities are going on. Last week we had a pizza party! As we helped to serve pizza all of the residents kept telling us that we were so beautiful and they would ask us about our missions. We've definitely made lots of new friends there!
Well I'd better get going. Oh yeah, this weekend we have two baptisms!! I'll make sure to take pics and talk about it next week. I love you all tons and pray for you daily. Write me!
Sister Kingston

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